Web based database SQL interface



ZoneSQL is a web based database interface application allowing SQL access to a number of different database management systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite. With the convenience of a web based architecture, ZoneSQL provides a rich efficient interface with the familiar look and feel of some existing powerful software based DBMS tools. This provides an optimal platform for working with SQL and data.

ZoneSQL screenshot

The UI provides resizable panels including a full tree view of the server, databases and tables, a syntax highlighted SQL query entry window, and a fully featured rich dynamic grid output. The product is useful for setting up direct access to databases at remote sites via simple web based access. Security and authentication are configurable.


You can access a demo installation of ZoneSQL to get a feel for the product here:

Use the following test credentials to login:

Username: test

Password: user

Download and Installation


Get the latest release, pre-built, optimised and ready for use. Download and uncompress one of the following distributions into a web accessible area, and then complete the required settings in config.php.

Download .zip

Download .tar.gz

Download Source

See the github README for instructions how to quickly and easily download the source. Tools are also made available to build and compile your source to create your own optimised distribution release.